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E-Commerce Growth Marketing Agency to 12X Your Business Profitably

We get really...
really good results

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From $100,000 to $1,060,000 per month

$378,959 in sales generated at over 1348% ROI

0 to €47,160 generated in just 6 weeks at 907% ROI

$252,384 in sales generated at over 524% ROI​

Companies that trust us

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Case studies

Real Stories. Epic Results.

outdoor gear PRODUCTS seller


0 x
growth in sales
$ 0 m
generated in sales

Australian e-commerce brand specialising in the outdoors niche.

They had tried to scale a few times, however every time they tried doing so, the results of the campaign went down and their profits decreased.

The results

Scaling from $100,000 per month to to over $1,060,000 in sales per month

“They tripled our ROI on marketing investment using Facebook Ads.” Chris S., Marketing director at Joolca
online tech products seller

+ 0 %
return on investment
$ 0
generated in sales

A Swiss company selling devices online across all of Switzerland. They were a well known brand, but they were not able to get good results and scale their online sales using paid advertising.

They had no clear strategy and didn’t really know what they were doing when it comes to paid advertising.

The results
$252,384 in sales generated at over 524% ROI​

“After only 3 months of optimisation, Wolf Media Digital made it possible that we now have ROI of about 500%”


large retailer


+ 0 %
return on investment
$ 0
generated in sales

The largest Vietnamese mattress retailer. With over 60 physical locations and an online store.

Vuanem was struggling to make an impact in generating online sales. We implemented our custom methodology and process of identifying the key customer avatars, developing key selling points for each avatar, and setting up our full funnel strategy.

The results
$378,959 in sales generated at over 1348% ROI

“The results were amazing, we had a short time frame where we needed to achieve, and we saw a 1300% ROI”

Mark P., Vuanem



+ 0 %
return on investment
generated in sales

Norwegian e-commerce brand specializing in women’s sportswear.

Our client was heavily relying on B2B, selling to other distributors and resellers.

Famme went from relying mainly on B2B to being able to generate more than 900% ROI selling B2C with Facebook Ads.

The results
0 to €47,160 generated in just 6 weeks at 907% ROI
“Within just 6 weeks they set up and scaled our campaigns to generate more than 900% ROI “
Michael, Famme

Who do we work with

Established e-commerce brands that want to scale

Retail brands that want more online sale

Established sellers on Amazon that want to open up a new channel

Friendly Conversation

Think of it as a first coffee date. We meet, we ask you questions, you ask us questions. We see if it makes sense to work together.

Marketing Audit & Opportunities Analysis

We breakdown your business bit by bit. We analyse every campaign, every product, every strategy you’ve used so far…and we assemble a plan to dominate your market.

Full Launch

All the conversations. All the data analysed. All the market research. It all comes down to this…launching the campaigns. BUT, this is just the beginning.

Test, Optimize, Test, Grow

The real work starts now. Using our proprietary framework for rapid fire echo targeting and graduation testing, we continuously optimise the campaigns. It’s usually at this point where you run to the bank with a huge grin on your face to cash the massive checks from all the extra sales we’re generating you.

The process to help you grow

Our e-commerce scaling methodology

Our services

How we help your business

Facebook/IG Ads Management

Using our unique system and strategy, we scale your business using Facebook & Instagram Ads. We judge success based on return on ad-spend and overall profit. Our standards are high, your profits will be even higher.

Google/YouTube Ads Management

Put your product where people are already searching, with Google and YouTube ads. The real secret sauce is in out unique way to combining Google and Facebook ads as part of our full funnel strategy to make sure your dominate your market.

Conversion Rate Optimisation for E-Commerce

What’s the point of filling your funnel if your funnel has holes in it? Getting quality traffic to your site is only part of the battle. Maximising how that traffic converts into $$$ for your business is a whole other battle. Often times with the exact same amount of ad spend you can double your profit by focusing on the right conversion leverage points on your site.

Customer Value Optimization for E-Commerce

Ok, so you’ve gotten someone to your site. They’ve even completed a what? This is where so many businesses get it wrong. Maximising your current systems to optimise the value of each dollar you spend on ads is an often overlooked and very important part of e-commerce. Let us show you how you can make an extra 10 to 15% percent without paying to acquire more customers.



Are you one of our next success stories?