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We are a team of highly passionate world class e-commerce growth marketers working from different cafes, co-working spaces, and remote mountain huts.

Open positions 

Facebook/Instagram/Google/YouTube Media Buyers

The technical guru who knows their respective platforms’ ins and outs. Day and night they make sure clients' ad spend is safe and invested the best it can be. They are not simply the data experts, but we make sure our experts also have the empathy for the customers and are marketing savvy, so that they can find creative ideas to scale the spend while maintaining (or even increasing) the ROAS.

Video Editor

We are looking for the right candidate who is constantly exploring the digital landscape for the “next big thing” as inspiration, but also has the prowess to take a video idea from conception to completion. The perfect candidate understands internet culture and thrives on creating a piece of content that ends up in a group chat because of how engaging it is.

Career benefits

Why should you consider working with us...

We are experienced

Work in an international team of best experts in their fields standing in the forefront of advertising technology and marketing science.

You can be your own boss

Fully remote, flexible hours. No time tracking, no micromanagement - we don’t care how much you work as long as the job is done!

Cause' we are totally cool!

We’re laid back cool guys and gals! We work together but also have good laughs together and meet up whenever we can.

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