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case study
How Famme went from relying mainly on B2B to being able to generate more than 900% ROI selling B2C with Facebook Ads in just 45 days.


Norwegian e-commerce brand specializing in women’s sportswear.

Overall results so far
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return on investment
generated in sales
with just €5,200 of adspend

The Challenge

Our client was heavily relying on B2B. Selling to other distributors and resellers. The bulk of their business came from B2B.

The issue with this was that their margins on each product were much smaller, and also that the re-sellers were heavily discounting some of their products.

This means their brand image was getting hurt. On top of this, one of their biggest buyers was due to stop buying from them this year, so a big chunk of their revenue would just disappear.

It was more important than ever to figure out a profitable and scalable B2C sales channel.

Their B2C sales in the past came mainly from offering discount codes over Instagram DMs. This strategy (leading with a discount), has a negative effect on the brand and it wasn’t sustainable because they were training their customers to buy only on discount. (this is bad for margins and scaling).

It was time to figure out Facebook & Instagam ads!

our approach & strategy

We used our custom in-house process to quickly pin-point and setup highly profitable audiences.

We implemented our custom methodology and process of identifying the key customer avatars, developing key selling points for each avatar, adjusting the message according to the global situation, and setting up our full-funnel strategy.

It was more important than ever to mix emotional aspects along with technical aspects (ie the quality and softness of the fabric) in order to create highly effective ads.

We used our custom in-house process to quickly pin-point and setup highly profitable audiences.

We tested, optimized and scaled fast and aggressively when others were being fearful on the market (due to the global recession caused by COVID 19) by using our custom scaling process to quickly scale vertically & horizontally across the different market segments. 

before and after

The Results

0 to €47,160 generated in just 6 weeks at 907% ROI


In just 6 weeks. We set up and scaled the campaigns to generate more than 900% ROI. 47,200 Euros in sales generated from 5200 Euros adspend.

More importantly than just being highly profitable, our client was now confident that they can sell directly to the consumer, without having to rely on other distributors and resellers that only diminished their margin and devalued their brand.

testimonial and video

From the client

Within just 6 weeks they set up and scaled our campaigns to generate more than 900% ROI


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