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case study
How went from making $14,904 to $252,384 in a 6 month period using Facebook Ads

A Swiss company selling devices online across all of Switzerland. They have 5 physical locations but also an e-commerce store to sell across all Switzerland.
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The Challenge

Our client approached us because they had a well known brand for devices in Switzerland, but they were not able to get good results and scale their online sales using paid advertising.

The ROAS was low even on lower spend levels.

They had no clear strategy and didn’t really know what they were doing when it comes to paid advertising.

our approach & strategy

After taking over the account, we noticed that there wasn’t a clear structure for success.

From a marketing perspective, they were not guiding customers through the customer journey effectively enough.

From a technical perspective, they were not working with the Facebook algorithm in an effective way through proper segmentation and graduation testing combined with vertical and horizontal scaling.

The creatives were outdated and ineffective, and the marketing angles used were unproven.

Our process started with conducting deep market research and developing the key customer avatars we would be targeting.

The second step was defining the exact strategy for how we would interact with each segment of the target audience and creating highly potent creatives.

We implemented our custom full funnel strategy to guide visitors through the customer journey while meticulously testing different creatives, angles, audiences, bid strategies and campaign structures at each step of the way.

before and after

The Results


Spent $7,281 to make $14,904 in sales. ROAS of 2.05.


Spent $48,194 to make $252,384 in sales. ROAS of 5.24.

testimonial and video

From the client

"After only 3 months of optimisation, Wolf Media Digital made it possible that we now have ROI of about 500%"


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