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case study

How we added 25% more revenue just from email marketing in 1 month for Turned Yellow

Turned Yellow

American Brand Selling Custom Caricatures
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The Challenge

This brand came to us because they wanted an entire online marketing revamp. They are in the custom art niche, meaning that (without revealing too much about their product) they have amazing artists who turn your images into EPIC caricatures.
This brand was doing well in 2020 but then started to face a lot of competition in the marketplace since the barrier to entry is quite low.

our approach & strategy

How did we help?

The first thing we did when looking at this account is auditing what’s working well and what can be improved.

We had an onboarding call with the client where we tried to find out as much about their needs as possible as well as the audience and the technical details.

After that, we got to work and sent out the first campaigns while also working on the flows. It was hectic.

Here is how the first few campaigns did:

Sneak peek:

The list was already warmed up and we were actually in the middle of their Valentine’s Day Sale so we were able to broadcast to most of the list, enabling us to generate over $15,000 with the first 3 emails.

And just as a recap, here is how they were doing before we jumped in to help:

January 2021

February 2021 (Our first campaign was sent on February 1-st).

March 2021

April 2021

Here’s exactly what we did:

  • Abandoned Cart Flow
  • Browse Abandonment Flow
  • New Customer Flow
  • Returning Customer Flow
  • VIP Flow
  • Win-Back Flow
  • Popup Welcome Flow
  • New popups on the website
  • 8 campaigns per month
  • List cleaning
  • Inbox rate optimization
  • Reports
  • Weekly calls

One thing that we believe is that when we start working with a store that has no email marketing, the most important thing is to just start setting up the most important things.

It’s okay if they are not picture-perfect yet, we can always keep optimizing later.

With that being said, we obviously made sure we have the best copy and the best-looking emails did possible already.

But one part of our ongoing email marketing service is that we keep optimizing things using multivariate testing.

That means that we first test A/B on a subject line for example. Once we have statistically significant results we can move on to test the winner of A/B against C.

This way our numbers will always just be improving in the long term.

So if you have an e-commerce store where you’re front-end revenue structure is already proven but you feel that you are leaving money on the table with the emails, get in touch!

Thanks for reading.

before and after

The Results

January 2021:

Before we started working together, their stats were:

  • 5% extra revenue generated from Klaviyo email marketing
  • 3% from flows

March 2021:

After starting our work together, we managed to achieve:

  • 30% extra revenue generated from Klaviyo email marketing
  • 13% from flows


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