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case study
How we scaled Lounge Life from $0 to $1,570,000+ in sales per year with email

Lounge Life

Australian e-commerce brand specializing in the home & furniture niche.

The results
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The Challenge

Our client had been selling their products successfully through their physical stores but were leaving a lot of money on the table by neglecting to utilize their email list, recover missed sales, and nurture existing customer relationships.
As a result, they had zero sales coming in through email. In fact, they had absolutely nothing set up on the email channel before we started working together.

After identifying that the lack of an automated email marketing system was hurting their entire business, Lounge Life reached out to us.
And the rest is history.

our approach & strategy

We took over the account and immediately started noticing some key areas to be improved.

The first problem we noticed was that their Klaviyo account was a ghost town. There were no automated flows (such as Post-Purchase, Abandoned Cart, and Welcome flows) which meant there wasn’t a system in place to recover people who exited checkout, capture new emails, or nurture existing customers.

Immediately, we looked at our client’s audience and interviewed the client extensively to understand what made their customers tick, and got to work.

After the research and analysis stage, we developed completely new automations and promotional email campaigns that matched the mindset and level of awareness at each stage of the customer journey.

We conducted our full funnel strategy with A/B split testing and a warm-up protocol for their significant but cold email list. By adding a ton of value to their customers with helpful tips, early sale announcements, and an entertaining campaign format, it didn’t take long before we were looking at superb open rates and conversions.

In parallel to our email strategy, we audited the site and funnel and provided the client with key recommendations to increase their conversion rate & generate more sales from their previously unused blog articles.

We also implemented our tried and tested process of setting up and optimizing email marketing flows that convert. This included welcome flows, post-purchase flows, and abandoned cart flows that we meticulously monitored and improved over time.

The key pillars that resulted in change were a combination of an evergreen campaign strategy, a higher converting website, and email marketing flows that nurtured lifetime customer value.