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case study

How we scaled non-branded Google Ads sales for this brand by 678% in just 2 months

Karma & Luck

American brand selling jewellery in the spirituality niche.
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The Challenge

Karma & Luck was selling jewelry in the spirituality niche across a few different channels and traffic sources. The majority of their online traffic was Facebook, with Google lagging behind by a lot.

One issue was that most Google Ads sales were as a result of branded searches (people specifically searching their company name), ie sales that would most likely have happened anyway.

In order for a grow to be able to scale consistently and predictably, it’s a HUGE benefit if the brand is able to run profitable ads to cold traffic across different traffic sources. That was the challenge we had on our plate.

our approach & strategy

We switched from branded campaigns only to full, funnel based marketing campaigns with Shopping, Display, Video & Search Ads.

With the Help of DataFeedWatch, we were able to optimize the product feed & launch competitive Shopping ads across the Google placements.

With Display, we initially focused on remarketing & moved up in the funnel with new creatives & review based ads. For search, we knew that branded campaigns were not enough, so we prepared a new, comprehensive structure based on product feed & dynamic site categories.

In the first 30 days, we were able to optimize ads to meet the desired ROAS and grow sales.

Next, we moved to awareness & reach campaigns, using custom made videos & explanatory creatives that will attract & convert new customers.

With a great deal of data, we were able to prepare different types of personas we can target.

As campaigns were getting steady results monthly, we started introducing new campaigns regarding awareness & brand recognition, that we further used as remarketing audiences for our sale & new arrival ads.

before and after

The Results


Spend: $4,720
ROAS: 3.05
Total Sales: $14,400


Spend: $17,300
ROAS: 9.66
Total Sales: $167,000


After just 2 months, the revenue from non-branded keyword campaigns increased by almost 7x and the ROAS increased by more than 2x.

testimonial and video

From the client

“Results are better than I expected. Sales are growing, and especially non-branded keyword sales are growing, and that’s really important."
Mor M.
Karma & Luck


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